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Sometimes, if yer lucky, your resume just writes itself......

"My Resume"
by Wendy N. Clark
fictional account of pragmatic humanist trying to revise a resume and getting angry....
"From now on we are all responsible. And accomplices."
Elsie WieselWendy N. Clark

My objective to obtain the position at the company for which I am sending you my resume. My intent is to give you – in objective terms (keywords) why I match your criteria and likely want to be an employee (i.e., contract, temp, permanent, temp-to-hire, freelance, etc.) for the position at your organization which I am sending you my resume as you requested.

As I have been researching in my four-ish month quest for a good job, the search starts here (unless you have already determined that I am not the one… based on our ratio of “k2k”© : keywords to keywords search mentality. It’s like a dating service DMBMS and a QTFU match? Any reason to read on? K2k is my latest soon to be famous acronym in yet another bad investment of time. My other objective …

Home - new video

Because you don't know where you may be headed.

Or where you may leave.

Or where you may be left, for that matter....

Written, filmed, and produced by Wendy Clark. Music performed by Wendy Clark, Daniel Paschke, and Mark Mauldin on a backporch, and the last outro-lude performed by Wendy last night. Mastered - sorta/kinda.

candidate camera

i am not feeling well.
neither is JJ.
i slept allllllll day and woke up to stare in the reflective glass and estimate the damage
had a delicious JJ omelete
pet my dogs
and called a potential employer back
(i left a charming message but she didn't call back yet)
this gig is for an entry-level web developer
which is one of the many things i want to learn
and the pay is pretty excellent
and my sense of hope (sense?) is happily creeping up my spine again

and is okay by me

it's the folks who are doing the hiring who are becoming the ones who
seem to think they can decide who is worthy or not

note to hiring managers:

dear judges of my fate and income:
it's pretty cool to have respect for strangers even if they are not the right candidates for your position. it's really good to have an idea where you stand - even if it has to be in a bulk email to those who aren't the right person for the job.

you know who you are.

i am going to sleep again now.

my message to the world tonight:

why do you?

Why does one write?
Once your number comes up, you cease brainstorming the infinite answers to this unquestion.
“Hello!” I shout to the empty classroom.
I am aware of the perimeters of my intentions; I have my phone in my hand; I have my keys in my left front pocket of my corduroys, the laminent hanging out with the neckpiece – a ritualistic ornament which psychologically reassures myself that it is safe to go home.
It is safe to let go.
It is safe to go on now.
Except for… my glasses…Darn

the elimination of logical thinking

I ain't been right since that doctor in Boulder made me take that shot of homeopathic-whole-body solution in Boulder when I was twenty-four years old.
But beside that, I had a few thoughts in the shower after a great Saturday evening out
but the point is that
i learned somethings that made the
bad news (regarding my new job)
not so bad at all ME, that is...

i trust
that that psychobabble sweetly spoken to and for me
from my friends (the ones who read too much but love me)
and the point they were trying
or had something to do with
my need for approval
my seeking approval from others who don't have it to give....
"We may look for approval from people who have none to give."
and i don't know why this little excerpt is making me
which i had known not to do this for so long
but also
I REALLY hope i can remember this and investigate it
on a regular basis
(of course, blogging it may actually help, HMMM! :))
but it may wash down the drain with the other epiphanies i enjoy

These Entries are from my MySpace - not a good place for me to blog.....

Saturday, June 03, 2006
Today Current mood: Lost and found

Today is the first day of the rest of your series of other first days of your life. You always can be uncertain whether or not you have this particular day to begin again. You always may be certain that you will always be uncertain. You start planning immediately; you have an unmeasured time allotted for this interpretation of the state of your fixation. You sit in front of whatever clever type of technology or paper or sticky-note system which provides you with the encouragement to begin your plan. But after a few scribbles and a change in barometric pressure, you decide that you have accomplished a decent amount of planning, just by the act of starting to think about planning. Then you walk into your backyard to see if there is enough gas in the lawn mower to do a few rows, and your phone rings.
The silence on the other end of your line is intolerable, so you utter a short sequence of charming un-thank yous and you realiz…

Just like today.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Knowledge is Power by Wendy Clark ©2006

For this discussion, kids, please take notes. Yes, in your notebook. Preferably in your English notebook. No, not your journal. No Billy, not your hey! I am speaking! Okay. Listen up, guys. Guys! Okay. Okay! Take out your journal and write the - - what? Please, dont speak when I am speaking! I do not have a .7 lead, sorry. No, you cant go to the restroom right now the pencil sharpener is next to my computer. No, Susie, not true. I dont know why we have an assembly. All right. So take your journals out and open them. Shhhsorry guys, I mean your NOTEBOOKS yes, I mean no, I am going to explain that in just a sec Kelly! Where are you going? Okay. Let me take attendance. Oh, go see if they have a band-aid in the front office well um are you kidding? Sorry. The front office is located at the front of the school yes.those doors that go to the outside of the school.okay, but only one of you may go, no. No more chocolate. No, but we…