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Believe me when I say to you
Never walk away from a good thing.

Realize though
You believe that good things walk away

From you sometimes

I can't sleep

I was laid off
Never walk away
from a good lay


I can't enjoy anything right now, man.
I can't just walk away.
any way

How to market to dull audiences.

How to market to dull audiences.

No really, the internet has taken a turn for the worse this past quarter, the trend seems to be a direct impact of the current industry trends, notwithstanding the holidays, most of which are recognized as days to target as potential customers. Unless the market is smart and dull as all the humanity. They are those kids you totally understood what someone meant when you said, "So, like, what's the deal with that guy?" to your mutual friend or roommate and your mutual friend said, "Oh, Pat is an engineer major," and you knew from experience and campus legendary stories passed on as fact that engineers were recluses and had to be targeted as such.