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The Best, Most Important Place on the Planet is Wherever You Are

If you think that nobody cares, that would be because nobody cares. If you think that somebody cares, it's likely that somebody cares. It's as simple as it is complicated; it's as complicated as it is simple.

Today, I had a day that I cared so hard that I ended up in a state of complete void of any love or hope or care and I feel dead inside. And yes, I did remember to take my meds. As we know, it is important to take your meds. Damn, I am starting to care. Let me get back to my point.

The majority of humans are inherently pathetic, unsaveable, and consistently disappointing. They lack personality and they lack knowledge of the existence of the functionality to develop one, recognize one, and usually can't even spell the word.

If you think that nobody cares, you are wrong. Take yer meds.

I have to do my stupid taxes now.