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BAKERFEST 2018 "The Honeymoon" and "Luck and Trouble" live

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DOS LOCOS play Allison Road live at Devil's Head Distillery (Gin Blossom...

“Last Time I Called You Baby” cover by Dos Locos

WENDY CLARK BAND "Last Time I Called You Baby" LIVE at Bakerfest 2018!

“Allison Road” cover by Dos Locos

Wendy Clark Band at BAKERFEST 2018 "Sometimes I Think" and Metarie (cove...

WENDY CLARK BAND "Sometimes I Think" LIVE at Bakerfest 2018!

Sometimes I Think intro by Wendy Clark (BAND)

Rusty, Bucky, Me circa 2004

Last Time I Called You Baby

Soundcheck Episode013 08 16 17 with the Wendy Clark Band

Wendy Clark Band 7.0 at the 2017 Capitol Hill Peoples Fair