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rhymes with "skim"

so i was just writing my friend jhimm
because that is what i do
jhimm is legendary and revolutionary
and i know it.

not only because he somehow finds a way to
wrap his thoughts around his voice
not only because his voice is spectacular
not only because he somehow finds a way to
amuse and remuse and is my muse

and writing to him is always a wakeup call
and a perfect certain entity
of the truest perfect reflection
of who i am when i write words to him
of who is someone i am and am not

and he knows it.
i have told him
(though he can't be right all the time....) :)
and he tells us what is going on
and around
and we know we have to have this dude's attention
because of his energy and will
he is a young prophet
(much like Erk....hmmm... whoa....)


and doesn't even know how magnetic his presence and
his very essence
is a reminder to check one's self
and remember to
-check- everything
-balance- and let yourself be
true to yourself in word, thought, and deed.

this has been a public service announcement
of the service of announcing publically.

check out his band

thank you, jhimm.

jhimm is one of the smartest people i know
and i know a lot of people
who claim to be intelligent


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